Why Pepitas?

Since 2017, "Pepitas" seeds have become a kind of the hit on the "underground" scene of healthy foods, where various versions of our seeds were transferred from bag to bag, and Your valuable reviews came from everywhere.

Thanks to the top quality raw seeds and our innovation in baking, we have created world-unique and completely Croatian "premium" snacks.

Pepitas secret:

  • a unique way of processing where the seeds are baked exclusively in hot air, without a drop of oil, and each seed is wrapped in a thin and transparent shield of salt
  • devices designed specifically for our production process
  • 2 years of market research and hundreds of reviews
  • raw material of the highest quality

Why a giraffe?

This rare and exotic animal is a symbol of friendship, commitment and grace that does good by changing the "status quo".
With their slightly twisted view of the world and their long neck, they can see ahead and bring things closer that seem out of reach.

The giraffe symbolizes all that Pepitas believes in!

Pepitas offers: